Psychiatrist in Plano, Texas

At Friedman Psychiatry, we believe that by identifying unique clinical situations, clarifying the diagnosis, pursuing a collaborative decision-making process between patients and clinicians, and considering thoughtful treatment choices, optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction is within reach. As a board-certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Friedman integrates medication management and psychotherapy, to improve your overall well-being. Our mental health clinic in Plano, TX focuses on personalized, detail-oriented care, and Dr. Friedman strives to be readily available to address patients’ needs whenever they may arise in Richardson, Allen, and Murphy. Telemedicine appointments are also available to all Texas residents.

Meet Dr. Friedman

Ran Friedman, MD
While each individual is unique in their biological makeup and the circumstances that challenge them, specialized clinical experience and Evidence-Based Psychiatry can help patients regain their optimal mental health and level of function. My goal is to deliver this optimal outcome to every patient in our clinic.
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Women's Mental Health Treatment

Women’s Mental Health is focused on the unique aspects of mental health care for women who suffer from a spectrum of psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and even psychotic disorder.