Billing & Insurance​

Friedman Psychiatry now accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield (with some exceptions).  

Please note that we do not accept any other insurance (also known as out of network). We only submit claims for patients insured with Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, a receipt that can be used by patients to submit for reimbursement to their other insurance companies will be available upon request. Applying for reimbursement is strictly between you and your insurance. Our office does not offer assistance with insurance billing or reimbursement (except for those insured by BCBS). The best way to find out what level of reimbursement your insurance would provide is calling and asking about coverage and reimbursement for out of network Psychiatrist for medication management and/or psychotherapy. 

Private Payments for Out of Network with Dr. Friedman

  • Initial Consultation $450*

    50 minutes to evaluate and formulate initial treatment plan

  • Follow Up $150 - $300

    Follow up appointments include medication management and/or various elements of psychotherapy. Each patient may have different needs at different times. Follow ups may be scheduled for 20-45 minutes. Depends on the length of time, complexity of the medication management, and the medical complexity of service overall, the rate will fall within the stated price range above. This will of course be reviewed upon request. This range is not a sliding scale. Pricing will be adjusted according to complexity of medical decision and psychotherapy service provided.

    • Medication refill outside of a scheduled appointment will be charged to the credit card on file: $ 25.
      • This fee will not be covered by your insurance, even in-network.
      • This does not take place of need of a follow up appointments to remain in good standing for ongoing service.
      • This should be an exception. However, some controlled medications will require out of an appointment refills, which will be charged as above.

Frequency of appointments will be determined collaboratively based on clinical need and patient preference (as long as it’s clinically appropriate).

*Some initial consultations may require an additional 20 to 45 minutes appointment for collateral information in order to consider the consultation as complete. This need will be considered case by case and discussed with you, the patient in detail. Regardless of clinical recommendation, no contact with any third party will be made without explicit and signed “Release of Information consent form” by the patient. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. It is also protected by the Federal HIPAA law. Additional charge for this collateral interview will be charged according to the time used.

Missed appointments or cancellation within less than 24 hour notice are expected to be paid in full, and will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.

  • If a time-conflict arises with a scheduled appointment that is reserved for you, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid charges per clinic cancellation policy (see attachments).
  • Appointments may NOT be rescheduled or cancelled by email or text. They can only be rescheduled or cancelled by phone, or online using the patient portal calendar. Please note that doing so less than 24 hours in advance will result in charge for the rescheduled or cancelled appointment.