Women’s Mental Health in Plano, TX

Women’s Mental Health is focused on the unique aspects of mental health care for women who suffer from a spectrum of psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and even psychotic disorder.

During the childbearing ages, through the family planning stages, pregnancy, birth, pre and post menopause, women may have particular concerns that are significant and, at times, are barrier to treatment of their mental health. The professional consultation and guidance of one of mental health provider in Plano can help. For more information, contact Friedman Psychiatry at (972) 905-1597 and schedule an appointment today!

What Are Some Common Women’s Mental Health Conditions?

It is important to recognize and address these conditions in a gender-specific manner. Some common mental health conditions that are unique to women include:

Women who are in the family planning stage and are treated for infertility may experience significant distress in the process. Having a mental health advocate who can monitor and provide care and guidance throughout the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle/s may provide much needed support and guide the mental health care, when needed.

How Does Dr. Friedman Evaluate Women’s Mental Health Conditions?

By coupling evidence-based questionnaires with clinical evaluation by an experienced psychiatrist, and when appropriate obtaining collateral information from a trusted source (parent, spouse, close friend – only with written consent from the patient to do so), we clearly differentiate and clarify the diagnosis. In Psychiatry, it is not uncommon for a working-diagnosis to be clarified over time, as new symptoms present themselves.

How Does Dr. Friedman Treat Women’s Mental Health Conditions?

Our mental health clinic in Plano strives to improve the lives of patients and their families by clarifying the diagnosis, providing education to patients and their support system, strengthening the patients’ network of support, and coordinating care with other professionals like Counselors/Therapists, Primary Care Providers, Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Fertility specialists, Endocrinologists and Neurologists, according to the medical needs of each individual patient.

Patients are often overwhelmed by the volume of information available from multiple sources, including the internet.
At Friedman Psychiatry, we believe that by identifying unique clinical situations, pursuing a collaborative decision-making process between patients and clinicians, and considering thoughtful treatment choices, optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction is within reach.

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In order to determine what course of treatment is best for an individual, you must personally discuss your symptoms with Dr. Friedman and/or his team. To discover the best treatment plan for you, contact our clinic at (972) 905-1597 and schedule an appointment today!